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Hydraulic Accumulator
Super duplex stainless (2506 UNS 32750 accumulators, dampeners, surge, water hammer, and shock alleviators in extreme, ultra, and super pressure corrosive applications.
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Energy Saving by Reduction of Pump Size, and so Reduction of Horse Power Required.

Using an accumulator to store fluid which is discharged when demand from various users peaks.

Maintaining a Supply Pressure.

Using an accumulator to store fluid which is discharged over a specific time when pumps are changed over..

Leakage Compensation.

Maintaining a Holding Pressure for an appreciable time to compensate for Leakage in the System.

Expansion Compensation.

Providing a "Reservoir" for a Volume of Liquid Displaced due to an Increase in Temperature in a Closed Loop System and so Limiting Pressure Rise.
Standby Emergency Power. To Provide Power Quickly to Shut Off Valve when Problems Occur in a System.

Mechanical Shock Absorber.

Using an Accumulator Connected to a Jacking System to Absorb Impact Shock from Moving Parts.

Transfer Barrier.

To Separate Two Liquids The Have to Balance Pressures Between Two Chambers.
Counter Balance and Suspension. For Large Machine Tools and Motor Vehicles.

Pulsation Dampers.

A Specialist Application: For pulsation dampener information go to Pulsation-Dampeners.com or Pulseguard.com
Shock and Surge Alleviators. A Specialist Application. go to: http://www.shock-guard.com

Technical Treatment of Pulses and Shocks.

A Specialist Software Application. go to: http://www.liquid-dynamics.com

Piston Accumulator Types

PistoFram Hydraulic Accumulators
PistoFram Accumulator Sizes
IndAcc Hydraulic Accumulators
IndAcc Accumulator Sizes
MagdAcc Hydraulic Accumulators
MagdAcc Accumulator Sizes
PistoLite Hydraulic Accumulators
Pistolite Accumulator Sizes
PistoLite Accumulator Ports/Porting

Bladder Accumulator Types

Accumulators - PipeGuard Family
Stainless Steel Accumulator Sizes
PipeGuard Plastic Accumulator Sizes
PipeGuard Hydraulic Accumulators Ports/Porting
Carbon Steel Accumulator
Carbon Steel Accumulator Size

Accumulator Safety Blocks


HydroTrole: Hydraulic and Control Engineering since 1963.
Please go to Pulsation-Dampeners.com for selection or suggestion of a pulsation dampener or Pulseguard.co.uk for more information on pulsation dampers and piping / pumping systems.
For further information about shock alleviators, water hammer, and pump start up / shut down surge, Please see ShockGuard at ShockGuard.co.uk.

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The name hydropneumatic accumulator covers those hydraulic products that are designed specifically for the storage (accumulation) of liquid under pressure. However, because of the improvements in design of equipment, which has grown from the storage devices, other functions have become loosely associated with the name Accumulator. These other types of units should more properly be called by their function, e.g. – Pulsation Dampers, Liquid Borne Noise Silencers, Line Shock Alleviators, Pump Controllers, Transfer Barriers, etc. More about accumulators...

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