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Super duplex stainless (2506 UNS 32750 accumulators, dampeners, surge, water hammer, and shock alleviators in extreme, ultra, and super pressure corrosive applications.
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HydroTrole Limited Hydropneumatic Accumulators

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Manufacturer of hydraulic / hydropneumatic accumulators, pulsation dampeners, and surge alleviators for applications including but not limited to: shock, surge, water hammer, pressure pulsation, and flow fluctuation.

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Call toll-free...1-888-DAMPERS or Fax toll-free....1-888-TALKDLR or Write....US div. of Hydrotrole Ltd., P.O. Box 506, Hampstead, NC 28443 or email HY.Accumulator.Tech@Gmail.com

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Free 'phone.... 08080-LOW-EURO or 08080-LO-PRICE or Free Fax....0800-174088 or Write.... Hydrotrole Ltd., Membranoflex Works, Greg Street Industrial Center, Reddish, Stockport, Cheshire, SK5 7BS. or e-mail HY.Accumulator.Tech.UK@Gmail.com.

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UK Technical Email: HY.Accumulator.Tech.UK@Gmail.com*
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Box 506 Hampstead NC 28443 USA

295 Sloop Point Loop Road,
North Carolina

International Telephone:
00 1 910 270 2737
International Facsimile:
00 1 910 270 2740

US Toll Free Phone:
1-888-DAMPERS (3267377)

US Toll Free Fax:
1-888 847 8356

PulseGuard Inc. [USA]USA

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PO Box 47 Stockport SK3-OLH UK

Greg Street Indudtrial Center
Greg Street, Reddish
Stockport, Cheshire
SK5 7BS | UK EU.

International Telephone:
--44 (0) 161-480-9625
international Facsimile:
--44 (0) 161-480-9627

UK Freephone:
08080 LO PRICE (56 77423)

UK FreeFax:
0800 174088

PulseGuard Ltd. [UK]UK

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MagdAcc Hydraulic Accumulators
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Bladder Accumulator Types

Accumulators - PipeGuard Family
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Carbon Steel Accumulator
Carbon Steel Accumulator Size

Accumulator Safety Blocks


HydroTrole: Hydraulic and Control Engineering since 1963.
Please go to Pulsation-Dampeners.com for selection or suggestion of a pulsation dampener or Pulseguard.co.uk for more information on pulsation dampers and piping / pumping systems.
For further information about shock alleviators, water hammer, and pump start up / shut down surge, Please see ShockGuard at ShockGuard.co.uk.

Piston Accumulators | Bladder Accumulators | Accumulator Safety Blocks | Hydrotrole

The name hydropneumatic accumulator covers those hydraulic products that are designed specifically for the storage (accumulation) of liquid under pressure. However, because of the improvements in design of equipment, which has grown from the storage devices, other functions have become loosely associated with the name Accumulator. These other types of units should more properly be called by their function, e.g. – Pulsation Dampers, Liquid Borne Noise Silencers, Line Shock Alleviators, Pump Controllers, Transfer Barriers, etc. More about accumulators...

Normally the piston is "free", but in some cases may be connected to a conventional piston rod. Design and construction is relatively straightforward and the type can be made in a wide range of sizes. Cost is, however, relatively high. It is particularly suited for high pressure systems since cylinder stresses are readily determined and standard hydraulic quality cylinder tubes can be employed for the barrels. Construction can follow that of hydraulic cylinders, with tie rod assembly for higher pressures or heavy duties. However, it is necessary to make provisions to prevent disassembly of the end covers when either the fluid or gas side of the accumulator is under pressure. More about accumulators...

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